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Learn About Cricket. - A Bat & Ball Game - Wiz Sports

Learn About Cricket. - A Bat & Ball Game

Learn About Cricket. - A Bat & Ball Game

Cricket, once thought to be England's national summer sport, has grown in popularity around the world. People of all ages and genders can be seen playing cricket in their streets and backyards, demonstrating the sport's popularity that it is not limited to the professional field. To participate in this sport, you must be completely physically fit and athletic. The sport is played by two teams of eleven players each.
Australia, India, Pakistan, England, South Africa, New Zealand, the West Indies, and Sri Lanka all have dominant cricket teams.



Cricket is played on a field outside. The goal of the game is for one team to score more runs than the opposing team. It's all about trying to score more runs while limiting the score and dismissing the opposing team's batsmen. This blog goes into greater detail about the game, its popular terms, and its rules.


Size of the Team

In cricket, each team has 11 players, one of whom is designated as captain. Aside from these 11 players, each team has a few more players who can only play as a substitute for an injured team member. The fielding team should have 11 players and the opposition can send only two batsmen on the ground at the time of play.

All international tournaments run by cricket's governing body, the International Cricket Council, require a 15-man squad (ICC).


Cricket - Playing Conditions

Cricket is a team sport played on a large field. The pitch in the center and ground is ready for any match format. Later, stumps are planted across the pitch, and players are summoned to the field to begin play. The fielding team will have 11 players guarding the boundary, and the opposing team will bat with two batsmen. There will be two umpires on the field to oversee the game.


Dimensions of a Cricket Field

The sport is presumably played on a circular levelled ground with a pitch in the center. The pitch measures 24 yards long and 4 yards wide. A rope is wrapped around the ground 80 yards away from the pitch. This rope is seen as a boundary. The stumps are rooted at both ends, with a 22-yard distance between them. Two carved small pieces of wood, known as bails, are placed on stumps. Batting/bowling creases are white parallel lines drawn on both ends of stumps. It is 1.2 meters away from the stumps. The return crease is a set of parallel lines drawn perpendicular to the batting crease. This is at a half-meter distance from the pitch's length.