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The essentials of cricket equipment for all cricket fans

The essentials of cricket equipment for all cricket fans

The essential of cricket equipment for all cricket fans | Important items to have in youcricket kit | Cricket kits for cricket players

Do you dream of becoming an excellent cricket player? What are your favorite players' tactics? Do you watch the play and learn them?

Do you imagine yourself to be hitting scores like Adam Gilchrist, Sachin Tendulkar or Virat Kohli one day? Or do you wish to be one of the greatest bowlers of all times like Wasim Akram or Muttiah Muralitharan?

Are you great at team building and see yourself following in the footsteps of MS Dhoni and Kumar Sangakkara, along with exceptional wicket keeping capabilities? If that is you, then you are in the right place!

You must already know that cricketers need a variety of equipment to play the game properly. The best part of playing sports like cricket is that it is similar for both men and women. So, no matter your gender, you can find all the cricket essentials in a one-stop-shop. 

For somebody that’s just starting to consider playing the game seriously, finding all the various equipment you wish to get started can sometimes become a challenge! We’ve surveyed and put the optimum time in researching the essentials for beginners. You can also Buy Cricket Equipment Online easily or go to specific stores.

White Clothing

Since the inception of cricket, players have worn white-colored uniforms. Even though nowadays you can easily wear your own team’s shirts but at junior and amateur level cricket games, white uniforms are still worn predominantly. You can easily purchase it for as low as $30 onwards

Cricket Bat

Well, it is obvious for you to buy a cricket bat but there are many conditions which you need to keep in mind before buying a bat:

  • You need to check the weight and height of the bat.
  • How does the grip feel?
  • The kind of pitch you usually play on and
  • Your budget.

If you plan to play the game extensively then you need to spend a good amount to buy the best quality bat which will be reliable. For junior bats, you can get them normally for $99 and the best ones will cost you around $260-$330. Whereas, the highest quality senior bats will cost you around $590-$720. We offer various deals of upto  80% sale!


As you know, prevention is better than cure. Therefore, you must protect yourself properly so you are safe from injuries especially when you are playing hardball games. Nowadays, helmets include ‘stem-guard’, attach to the back of their helmet and use it to further protect the upper neck/back of the head area.

Batting Pads

While batting and making runs, you will be moving as quickly as possible which may also be continuous if the fielding side is not strong. Therefore, pads need to be as comfy as possible with the capability to protect, maintain a lightweight feel and make batting easier. You can get the best quality pads in the range of $90 onwards 

Cricket Shoes

While playing cricket, you need to have the right kind of cricket shoes. Otherwise, it may cause injury and may make your performance less efficient.

Professional cricketers use specialist cricket shoes which are much sturdier and offer more support to the player despite their resemblance with usual trainers. Some also feature spikes on the bottom surface, which gives rigid support while playing on a real grass wicket. You can also get your customized shoes especially if you are more focused on becoming a bowler; it will offer ankle support and increased displacement of force.

Batting Gloves

To protect your hands from getting injured while batting, you need to wear gloves. Other than comfort and protection, they also provide grip and support in palms while holding the bat. You can buy various kinds of gloves in both junior and senior sizes in the price range of $55 onwards  possessing the best quality.

Batting Shorts

Batting shorts are essential for they provide options to wear outer thigh guard, inner thigh guard, and an abdomen guard as protective equipment at the same time which can be inserted in the pouches. So, you do not have to wear anything else and they are not very expensive either. You can easily buy a good quality pair for $19 onwards 

Abdomen Guard

Abdomen guards are used to protect sensitive areas by both men and women in the pelvic region. Abdomen guards are one of the most important cricketing innovations and are relatively small items, available in a range of sizes. They can be attached via straps which go around hips, whereas some are inserted into a pouch in a pair of batting shorts or jockstrap. Abdomen guards are worthy of investment and can be bought for only $5! 

Cricket Balls

Cricket balls come in a variety of prices and are available from most sports retailers, and online stores as well. Expensive balls will generally have a better surface finish and will shine better but can be easily found in great quality for only $21. If you are more focused on your bowling skills then you should buy a good quality cricket ball.

Remember, there are different sizes of cricket balls used separately in men’s, women’s and junior cricket.

Cricket Kit Bag

Once you have all the essential items, you will need a portable way to travel through places. Not only then but also if you live in an area where it casually rains, you will be needing a cricket bag to keep everything all together and safe from damage. The aspects which you must consider while buying a Cricket kit Bag is to check its material (whether it is water-resistant or not), sizing; for you to keep everything easily, and the straps with which you will carry it (should be comfortable).

Other Equipment

You can Buy Cricket Equipment Online which are mentioned above. Furthermore, you can also easily buy Arm Guard, Thigh Guard, Inner Thigh Guard, Bat Mallet, Chest Guard, Base Layer (Skin), Wicket Keeping Gloves, Gum Shield (Primarily used by Wicket Keepers), Cap,  , Wicket Keeping Pads, set of Stumps and if you don’t have anyone to bowl for practicing, you may also purchase a Bowling Machine.

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