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DSC Intense Shoc Cricket Bat

$499.00 AUD Regular price $899.00 Save: $400.00 (44%)
Product Specification

The Intense Shoc delivers clarity with the lightweight design and pick-up. This cricket bat is ideal for those who do well on the back foot. It offers a mid-blade profile which is perfect for those who love to push the balls away to the boundary.

  • Intense Shoc Cricket Bat: A lightweight and easy-to-handle cricket bat.
  • Backfoot Performance: Ideal for players who excel on the back foot.
  • Mid-Blade Profile: Designed for precision shots and boundary-hitting.
  • Clarity and Pick-Up: Offers excellent clarity and seamless pick-up for smooth gameplay.
  • Perfect for Pushing: Tailored for those who love to elegantly push the ball to the boundary.