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Gray Nicolls Silver Cricket Bundle Kit - 2024/25 Seniors

$1,594.00 AUD Regular price $1,912.00
Product Qty Retail Price Our Price 
Gray Nicolls Silver 2024-25 SH Bat 1 1200 1050
Gray Nicolls Silver Kit Bag 1 315 259
Gray Nicolls Silver Batting Gloves 1 165 148
Gray Nicolls Silver Batting Pads 1 210 185
Gray Nicolls Test Dual Layer Abdo Guard 1 39 35
1929 1677

Kit price  $1594
Savings on Retail Price  $335 or ~17.3%


Beyond above savings on the bundled kit, you get:

  • Free Sipping AU wide 
  • Free Match Ready Service worth $80
  • Additional 10% off on helmets, Thigh guards, Clothing & Shoes

Gray Nicolls Silver Cricket Bat

Handcrafted in Gray Nicolls Melbourne Bat Mill from the same craftsmen that product all GRAY-NICOLLS first-class players' bats, the Silver features unrivalled balance and performance.

It has been designed using the Finest Players English Willow to ensure maximum performance for cricketers. It features a Mid Profile with an even bow and a rounded face, as well as large edges and a light pickup. 

A POWERCURVE face enhances the feel of stroke play, making it the perfect choice for players who strive for that extra something special. It is typically crafted in weight ranges between 2.6 - 2.10 and includes a full length bat cover. 

Bat Features: 

  • Handcrafted in Australia from the Finest Players English willow
  • Mid Profile
  • Even Bow
  • Light Pickup
  • Large Edges
  • Rounded POWERCURVE Face
  • Natural Finish
  • Oval to Round handle  Finest Cane Handle
  • Traction Grip


Gray Nicolls Silver Wheelie Bag

The Silver Wheel Bag features a huge main compartment for bulk storage of cricket gear. 

Bag Features: 

  • Premium traditional cricket wheel bag featuring spacious padded main compartment with top lid for easy access
  • Concealed padded bat compartment holds three bats
  • Five external pockets ideal for storing personal items including a thermo-insulated pocket for food and drink storage
  • Premium heavy duty fabric for durability
  • Three large profile tractor-style wheels enable effortless transportation
  • Three-rail base construction for greater structural support and stability
  • Size: 100 x 40 x 40cm (160L)

Gray Nicolls Silver Batting Gloves

A combination of traditional pre-curved sausage fingers with multiple High Density Foam sections, 'V' splits and softfill lining makes this the 'international players' choice for protection and comfort
Fibreshield overlay on lead two fingers, three sectioned side hand protection with Gel-Tech thumb guards
New selected extra thick players quality sheep leather palm with wear patch increases durability to maintain strength and feel
Airflow gusset for ventilation
Three piece split thumb with two piece sidebar protection

Gloves features: 

  • Traditional pre-curved design with multiple high density foam sections featuring ‘V’ splits with softfill lining plus ultra-flex three-piece thumb for superior comfort
  • Fibreshield overlay on lead two fingers, three sectioned sidebars plus sponge underlay for maximum protection
  • Specially selected extra-thick players quality sheep leather palm with wear patch for increased durability
  • Airflow gusset for ventilation and dual sided sweatbands for increased moisture absorption and player comfort

Gray Nicolls Batting Pads

The Silver Leg Guards are a staple for any GRAY-NICOLLS player.

Leg Guards features: 

These Gray-Nicolls Silver Cricket Batting Leg Guards provide the protection and comfort needed for long hours in the crease. Offering full shin and ankle safety, this unique design features improved ergonomics, additional padding for cushioning, and lightweight construction for increased mobility and comfort.

  • Traditional cane construction for maximum shock absorption
  • Fibretec bolster inserts and 30mm thick high density foam side wing for maximum protection
  • Leg hugging design with EVAZone with fibre reinforced moulded knee pocket and 2” wide butterfly straps for stability
  • Lycra lined bolsters, cushioned straps plus padded buckle protectors for extra comfort
  • Ankle foam provides comfort and stability 

Gray Nicolls Test Dual Layer Abdominal Guard - Adults

  • Dual layer impact resistant moulded polymer shell
  • Hyperflow airvent system improves breathability for lasting comfort
  • Impact gel edging and lining enhances comfort

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