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RoboArm Mini - Ball Thrower

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Color - Black

Product Specification 

The RoboArm™️ Mini is a ball throwing aid for batting and fielding practice. This innovative patent pending ball throwing aid has a tillable ball holder, which helps in throwing the ball at higher speeds without changing the natural throw of a person.

Why the RoboArm™️ Mini?

  • No Prior practice is required to throw the ball.
  • World’s Fastest ball thrower. Speed from 60km/h to140 km/h to suit all age groups.
  • Easy on shoulder.
  • Most accurate ball thrower.
  • Interchangeable ball holders for better sighting of the ball.
  • Simulates hand, wrist and fingers to grip the ball firmly.
  • Almost unbreakable.
  • Suitable for High Catches, Flat catches and fielding drills.
  • Nine throwing length options to vary the speed and throw different types of balls.

Suitable for most of the ball sizes and weight; Cricket Balls, Baseball, Tennis Ball, Heavy Tennis Ball, Whiffle/Plastic ball, Leverage Spring Ball, Leverage Banana Ball, Sponge Ball

Changeable Ball Holder direction for more speed and different angles along with Inter-changeable Ball Holder